August 7, 2006

Have you read Don Quixote by Cervantes? The theme of the 1,050 text by Signet Classic comes down to: Don Quixote was born a fool and died a sage.

What is Don Quixote's story? He spent most of his time buying and reading books about errant Knights saving the world. He foolishly bought into being an errant knight, and realized before his death that he should have followed the path of saving his soul.

I was trained to be a Don Quixote educator, to save handicapped people. Like Don Quixote, I began to realize more than two decades ago that my task is to release my Soul from memories replaying suffering.

You, like me, have choice: to experience the world of suffering as Don Quixote did or to experience the sweetness and peace of the Divinity through cleansing. Morrnah's work is pure genius, a stroke of Divinity. The theme of Self Identity through Ho'oponopono: clean up memories to free up the Soul to experience the sweetness of Divinity.


And as such, we are not here to save anyone (they’re perfect already) but to release our souls from memories, allowing Divinity to infuse them with peace and ease beyond all understanding.

I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.


The wonder of it all is that we are not in control. Control. Intention. All are but illusions. Who decides? Memory and Inspiration, one a thorn, the other a rose. Either leads the Soul by the proverbial nose. Really.

We have choice but absolutely no control. We can petition to give up memory. Divinity determines when. Divinity determines when Inspiration springs or not.

The Soul can't get beyond memory. Memory must be consumed by Mana. Only then is the Soul free. Not before.

From the 2nd paragraph of pg. 103, Self Identity through Ho`oponopono Basic I manual

"CLEAN, erase, erase and find your own Shangri-La. Where?
Within yourself."
And so it is.


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