June 18, 2012

From Dr. Hew Len:

1. Why Hooponopono assumes that we must not only take 100% responsibility for what happens to us but also about everything that happens to others? Why this is the ideal cleaning, to help themselves and help others?

The subconscious mind, part of the soul, replays toxic memories of past errors, what Shakespeare calls "rebel powers" in Sonnet 146. Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono (SITH) appeals to Divine Intelligence to release the "rebel powers," toxic memories replaying past errors to zero, to pure light.

You are always only cleaning the "rebel powers" in YOUR SOUL. Whatever is released from your subconscious is automatically released from the souls of others by Divine Intelligence, allowing them to experience Divine Light in the way of perfect relationships, health and sources of wealth.


2. Every day we go through different experiences, for example, worry about the bills, worrying about the work that has to be delivered as soon as possible, make arrangements to worry about, worry about arriving on time in particular place and traffic is heavy that day, we worry about making peace with his brother that we are estranged, worry about the illness of a loved one and worry about meeting a person who does not even know, but who needs help. In all these cases, the Hooponopono should be practiced always saying "I'm sorry, please,forgive me?" This is how the Hooponopono should be practiced in any situation, whatever it is, no matter its nature?

SITH is a repentance, forgiveness and transmutation process. It appeals to Divine Intelligence: 1) "I'm sorry for the "rebel powers" in my soul." 2) "Please forgive for these "rebel powers." 3) "Please release these "rebel powers" to pure light, to zero, setting me free."

Different processes are used to release the "rebel powers." Here are some of them: 1) "I love you." 2) "Thank you." 3) Drinking Blue Solar Water and 4) Eating blue berries and strawberries.

Again, the beauty of SITH is whatever "rebel powers" are released from your soul by Divine Intelligence are release from the souls of others. By freeing up your I-Dentity, Divine Intelligence frees up all I-Dentities! Your only business in life is to "CLEAN, ERASE, ERASE and find your own Shangri-La. Where? Within yourself."

3. What advice would you give to those who want to start practicing Hooponopono correctly: what to know and do and what not to do?

My advice to anyone who wants to practice SITH is to attend a lecture or a class.

4. Why is drinking blue solar water, and eat strawberries do well?

Drinking Blue Solar Water and eating strawberries are SITH cleaning processes that appeal to Divine Intelligence to release the "rebel powers" in your soul and the souls of other I-Dentities.

5. There is something I would say that has not been asked?

"O change thy thought that I may change my mind" says Shakespeare. By changing your toxic thoughts of others, they will change their minds of you.

Peace of I,

Ihaleakala Hew Len

From Marian Kaminitz:

1 - Marian, please tell what are the main points (in your personality or your way of seeing life, thinking and acting, ...) that have changed in your life after you have started to apply the Ho'oponopono.

I know that everything I see, hear or do, it is really only me. There is no 'out there', it's all 'in here', within myself. Whatever I witness, it's only me. It's something that is in me allowing me to see, hear and experience what I see or hear. I've become willing to be responsible for that, and that is the main change in my life.

2 - In the beginning when you started doing it, what were the main difficulties you encountered and how you overcame?

I learned the Ho'oponopono process in 1985 when I was living in Hawai'i. I was at the end of my rope - stressed, hopeless. I had tried other methods and nothing was making any changes in my life. When this process was presented, I was very skeptical that it would make a difference. But as I began to apply the Ho'oponopono process changes did happen. As I became aware of these changes and continued to apply the Ho'oponopono process, more changes occurred and peace of mind came into my life. Ho'oponopono is about changing yourself from inside in a stressless way that brings peace into your life. As Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len says - it's an inside job. If I can take responsibility for what's going on inside myself, then I can change myself and all around me.

3 - What advice would you give to someone starting to practice Ho'oponopono to do it correctly?

That's easy - JUST DO IT.

4 - Practice Ho'oponopono all the time does not exhaust their energies? If not, why?

The Ho'oponopono process is really very simple to do and because it is done only with yourself and your inner tri-une self and the Divinity within, it is not stressful. You don't have to confront anyone or talk out any issues. You don't have to think or have expectations of outcomes - in fact, it works better if you don't because only Divinity knows what is perfect and right for each of us. So simple to do and so profound in its results, Ho'oponopono resolves problems and removes stress in a nonstressful way.

When I do the Ho'oponopono process (also called cleaning), I actually have more energy because it helps me keep in the moment and attend to what is Divinely purposeful for me. I don't get sidetracked with thinking. I clean and the perfect and right thing shows up. I clean and the extraneous falls away. My Divine purpose appears and I follow that path. Something comes up in my life - a thought or stress - and I apply the Ho'oponopono cleaning process. This process can be applied to anything and everything. It's easy, you just have to do it.

5 - What are the most common mistakes you see in people who can not practice Ho'oponopono correctly?

The process is simple and at the same time very profound. It depends on one's willingness to take responsibility. That is as simple as saying 'I love you' and 'Thank you' to whatever comes up in one's life. So, really, it's just about doing the process. There are no mistakes once you take responsibility and just do it.

6 - There's something I would say that has not been asked?

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to apply the Ho'oponopono process in my life. I continue to see peace manifest in my life as I use it.

Marian Kaminitz

From Mary Koehler:

1 - Mary, you have seven children. As Hooponopono helps you to maintain harmony in the family? If you can, please give examples of everyday life has improved due to application of Hooponopono.

Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono® helps me maintain harmony, by getting to harmony within myself, "PEACE BEGINS WITH ME". When I first began practicing SITH(R), I was experiencing a lot of fighting between my youngest 2 children who are twin boys. When they began to fight, I would leave the room, find a quiet place and begin cleaning. When I was worried that they would fight, I would start cleaning. When I got up in the morning, I would clean on my experience of them fighting. Over several months, the fighting seemed to lessen, and then I didn't notice happening. I don't know if they stopped fighting, or that it didn't bother me any more. The same thing happened as I worked on the family schedule for a day, everybody getting where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. We were working this out before dinner. I started cleaning on my experience of this, and I would clean before we met, while we were talking about it and then after we went over things. I found over time, that it got easier and easier. The children saw the solutions, would offer to do things and the days seemed to flow more easily.

2 - In the beginning when you started doing it, what were the main difficulties you encountered and how you overcame?

For me one of the most difficult things was remembering that whenever there is a problem I am there, I am responsible for the problem, or error replaying in me and have the opportunity to "let go." The more I did the cleaning, the more things got easier. For instance with my husband, when he would do something that bothered me, it took me a while to realize it was in me, and that I could make the correction if I was willing to clean. The more I cleaned, the more he seemed to change. But who was changing?

3 - What advice would you give to someone starting to practice Hooponopono to do it correctly?

I would clean on being worried about doing things correctly. Anytime I have a question, it is a memory replaying, and I have the chance to let go. Each time I am worried about something, I can get to the cleaning.

4 - Practice Hooponopono all the time does not exhaust their energies? If not, why?

In the class, we learn how to teach the child in each of us this process and to take good care of the child. As we take better care of the child in us, the child begins to do the cleaning, which makes things easier.

5 - What are the most common mistakes you see in people who can not practice Hooponopono correctly?

I would clean with the thoughts I have of others not doing things correctly. Whenever I see what looks like a mistake in someone else, it is in me. So I have the chance to clean on mistakes, worry about making mistakes, fear. The important thing is to begin cleaning and stay with the cleaning. It does not work, if you don't use it.

6 - There's something I would say that has not been asked?

Thank you for this opportunity. I am grateful for the Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono® process and the Peace it has brought to my life.

Mary Koehler

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